Staccato! Student Concert at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music Orchestra Hall
On the morning of 21 July 2012, the Orchestra Hall filled with the murmur of excited voices as the parents settled down in their chairs in anticipation. As more than 80 children prepared themselves in order out of the hall, Dr Lee Pei Ming made her opening speech welcoming all to the hall and the concert was off to go.

The performers honed their piano skills in the concert-rehearsed exam pieces while some performed popular hits like "Lightly Row" and lullabies like "Hush, Little Baby," on the huge 9-foot Steinway & Sons grand piano.

There were special performances by the violin ensemble where the majority of the violin students got together to perform a few ensemble pieces.

Teacher Natalie and her husband performed a duet together showcasing their skills with Chinese instruments; the gu zheng and the di zi respectively, to an original beautiful composition by her husband, 'Birds.'

The concert ended with a trophy-giving ceremony to all the students who performed that day and everybody went home smilingly with goodie bags.