March Holidays
Music and Art: Into the Jungle

Date: 14 to 16 March, Wednesday to Friday, 1030am to 12 noon
Age: 3 and above
Cost: $120

The curriculum is based on research by NUS Professor Dr Lee Pei Ming that exposure to classical music brings overwhelming benefits to young children. The philosophies of renowned music educators like Carl Orff, Dalcroze, Suzuki and Kodaly will also be adopted in the class. Children will learn solfege singing, rhythm, pulse and pitch, music appreciation through dance and movement, and they will also be exposed to world music instruments. Children will have fun making colourful handicrafts in relation to the music to improve their hand-eye coordination, their motor skills and their creativity. This class will be conducted by Emilie Chin and Wong Xianling.

Keyboard Class Crash Course!

Date: 14 to 16 March, Wednesday to Friday, 1030am to 1130am
Age: 4 and above
Cost: $100

Unsure if your children are interested in music? Register your children for a few lessons on the keyboard this November - December holidays and find out if they do through this short trial course! A maximum of 6 students are allowed in one class. Children will learn the essential techniques to piano playing and discover basic rhythms, note- reading, solfege singing and simple songs within 4 days! This class will be conducted by Wong Xianling.


20% discount if you bring a friend !